Flash over the water

David fernandez barruz 0003 flash overwater 04
Flash Classic Suit
David fernandez barruz 0005 flash overwater 06
Flash Classic Suit
David fernandez barruz 0004 flash overwater 05
Flash Classic Suit unmasked
David fernandez barruz 0000 flash new52 mask 01
Flash 52 Suit
David fernandez barruz 0001 flash new52 mask 02
Flash 52 Suit

Private commission of two realistic 3D figures of Flash.

The client needed two figures of Flash with different costumes and the same pose, both with a high level of detail.

After researching and seeking references in Flash and Justice League comics, we made several proposals.
The first thing we did was to create the anatomical basis to define the proportion and character musculature.
Once we get the desired anatomy, we studying different poses and we started working on different costumes, detailing the 52 suit by hand to made it realistic.

Finally, we proposed a design for the base bearing in mind that the customer wanted it to be transparent resin to get water effect. We use water modeling to hold the figure to the base and not fall.

Once the model was finished, we perform cuts and preparations needed to send to production, in addition to painting them digitally.

Lead: David F. Barruz.
Modelers: David F. Barruz and Rodrigo Aguirre Llasera.