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Zangrahel, The Guardian of the Shelter

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Based on the Zangrahel illustration, we modeled with ZBrush the anatomical base trying to be as close as possible to the illustration.

Later, in the pose phase we tried to respect the pose of the illustration, and we made small adjustments to make it work in all views.

With the pose already made and approved, we modeled in 3D the different elements of the figure, like the arms and the base.

Once finished the modeling we detailed all elements and prepared the figure for production.


We managed to develop a figure faithful to the illustration, preserving the pose and composition on a 1/8 scale figure.


Lead: David F. Barruz.
Modelers: Benito Sevilla and David F. Barruz.

David fernandez barruz maschinen01 render 500
David fernandez barruz maschinen01 render 502
David fernandez barruz maschinen01 render 501

Zangrahel, The guardian of the shelter.